photodiary | joshua tree

4:54 PM
Joshua Tree National Park, CA

don't make me sad, don't make me cry. sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough, i don't know why. keep making me laugh, let's go get high. the road is long, we carry on try to have fun in the meantime. lana del rey | born to die

dress by free people | shoes by jeffrey campbell for free people | coat by urban behaviors | hat by cotton on | accessories from personal collection

photo diary: this city was once a dream.

7:34 AM
Downtown, Los Angeles, CA

distance makes the heart grow fonder and it is always during this time of the year that my heart starts to brim with desires for that once familiar. this fall marks my seventh year in this city; i can't believe it was all just once a dream. i was twenty years old when i set on this journey in hopes of paving a life that resonated with my soul. i lusted for moments with substance and craved the excitement and fear of uncertainties. los angeles have challenged me in ways that have me strong and made me love in ways that have made me weak; my moments of struggles and accomplishments have all been written here. and even though i am far from what i once was, i feel i am not yet what i am going to be.

free people loves la

7:25 PM
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

i spent a whole month trying to find all the right words to paint this night only to realize that some moments in life are just too beautiful for words. so with that I leave you this video and these photos; each containing a thousands words of their own.

photo diary: barefoot earth child.

5:28 PM
Pasadena, CA
although the opportunity for long distance travel rarely arise, summer has been full. every morning i am awoken by any small presence of the sun. i spend most days embarking on adventures not of my own but through the words that has been left behind. when i do have the chance to fulfill my wanderlust, i gravitate towards the mountains in search of more treasured moments while eating too much sweet summer strawberries. i climbed many trees, dipped my feet into a lake and built warm fires into the night this summer. but most importantly, i unplugged myself from the virtual world we created and plugged myself into a world created for us.

photo diary: the lonely traveler.

5:26 PM
Santa Paula, CA
for the third weekend in a row we headed west on the 126, passing through these familiar valleys we've come to love. we often imagine our lives in the near future on this freeway, talking about all the animals we would own and mentally solidifying imageries to a life that is to become only ours. somewhere in between the peaks of santa paula and the adjacent citrus farm we came to terms with the fact that we lust a modify white picket fence life fill with everything magical. he'll spend time here and i'll grow old with content here. together we'll learn how speak the universal language that will make us capable of speaking to the moon and listening with our hearts. but first, we need to learn how to speak the language of the souls because without that knowledge, everything else wouldn't make any sense. until then i'll continue to learn from passing strangers and these marvelous places, as i continue this journey on the road that has lead me here..

photo diary: i still dream about you.

7:45 AM
Topanga, CA

on some days i just want to live wild & free and run in the direction of the sun. entrusting that  my heart will guide me to where i needed to be at all the right moments i ascended towards the warmth. that eventually lead to a place so quiet that i could almost hear my thoughts through the vibrations of the passing wind as it carried all of my secrets away with promises of never telling a soul.

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