for the third weekend in a row we headed west on the 126, passing through these familiar valleys we've come to love. we often imagine our lives in the near future on this freeway, talking about all the animals we would own and mentally solidifying imageries to a life that is to become only ours. somewhere in between the peaks of santa paula and the adjacent citrus farm we came to terms with the fact that we lust a modify white picket fence life fill with everything magical. he'll spend time here and i'll grow old with content here. together we'll learn how speak the universal language that will make us capable of speaking to the moon and listening with our hearts. but first, we need to learn how to speak the language of the souls because without that knowledge, everything else wouldn't make any sense. until then i'll continue to learn from passing strangers and these marvelous places, as i continue this journey on the road that has lead me here..