sucker for succulents | ojai

3:17 PM
Ojai, CA
intentions are the starting point to every dream and lately i have been setting all my intentions on moving to ojai. the idea of picking up and moving away from everything familiar is frightening but it's been a while since my heart has wanted anything so much. for nearly a decade los angeles has been home. the city has teared me down, toyed with my self-esteem yet has the capability to empower me in other aspects of my life. spending my 20's in los angeles has definitely helped me grasp a good sense of self and with that came the realization that maybe i don't belong in a city after-all. i belong in a forest ... where i feel most inspired surrounded by the distilled imagery of nature and the the sounds of quietude. 

rise lantern festival | 2015

12:32 PM
Las Vegas, NV

ten thousand people gathered to the desolated desert on october, 10th with the simple intentions to RiSE. the night was hopeful, filled with anticipated magic and unembellished emotions. i hope this video can convey everything about the affair i can't articulate into words. 

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