photo diary: this city was once a dream.

7:34 AM
Downtown, Los Angeles, CA

distance makes the heart grow fonder and it is always during this time of the year that my heart starts to brim with desires for that once familiar. this fall marks my seventh year in this city; i can't believe it was all just once a dream. i was twenty years old when i set on this journey in hopes of paving a life that resonated with my soul. i lusted for moments with substance and craved the excitement and fear of uncertainties. los angeles have challenged me in ways that have me strong and made me love in ways that have made me weak; my moments of struggles and accomplishments have all been written here. and even though i am far from what i once was, i feel i am not yet what i am going to be.

free people loves la

7:25 PM
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

i spent a whole month trying to find all the right words to paint this night only to realize that some moments in life are just too beautiful for words. so with that I leave you this video and these photos; each containing a thousands words of their own.

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