the sun is hovering bright today yet the clouds rarely allowed the rays to pass through. whenever it does, the warmth of the sun softly braces your mother's belly as you try to comprehend the sudden change in temperature and you twist and turn, still learning the difference between comfort and pain. we photographed your presence and tried to imagine what you'll look like. we placed our ears and rested our hands on to the one thing that separates the touch of your skin from ours. but not for long. soon, you will breathe the same air we do as you begin to open your curious eyes and pure heart. your imagination will run with no constraints. unbounded, wild, free. you will live in every moment because you know of no other. time then feels infinite. your constant curiosity will spread like wildflowers. these are the gifts we were all given upon life. cherish them & i can't wait to meet you. love you. love, your only aunt that will always encourage you to walk barefoot in the meadows.