sunrise over yosemite valley.

9:43 PM
Yosemite National Park, CA

i'm not quite certain which emotions are affiliated with the word majestic but i would imagine the word could be used to perfectly define theses photos. this was a yosemite experience that is so new to me even though it was to become my fourth visit. it fed my undernourished soul, forced me to breathe deeper and drowned me with that bigger than life feeling. but more importantly, i rekindled my connection with mother earth by walking barefoot on her terrain and absorbed her warmth through my skin on the most perfect of mornings. thank you to the amazing, mr. duy, for capturing the moments found below.

there's life on earth after all: salvation mountain.

11:21 AM
Niland, CA

looking up at the tree branches covered in an array of disorganized patterns reminded me of a jackson pollock painting. my eyes did not know where to start or end, or whether or not I was even allow to look away. i was in a trance, sucked in every direction by colors calling my name. but somewhere among the colors one manages to find a simple reminder to simply love. hats off to the artist who felt compelled enough to create and share this wonderful master piece with the world, thank you.

where the edge of the world meets the living. part two.

10:52 AM
Salton Sea, CA

i imagine the salton sea was a place full of life. a time when living in a trailer by the sea was enough to call bliss. paradise-like. neighbors would sit along the sea in their beach chairs as they gaze out in to the horizon or fishing for the sake of pleasure. trailer-wives would gossip about one another because everyone is sleeping with everyone. i imagine people falling in love here, getting their hearts broken here and finding peace here. even though it's all a facade, these are the things i imagine when my thoughts finds themselves wandering back to the forgotten sea. 

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